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(28 November 2023, Singapore) – The Philippine Embassy in Singapore, in partnership with the Embassy of Mexico, lent its support to the Asian Civilisations Museum’s (ACM) special exhibition, “Manila Galleon: From Asia to Americas,” which officially opened on 16 November 2023. The exhibit highlights the shared cultural heritage and historical significance of the Manila Galleon trade that connected Asia to the Americas, fostering a deeper appreciation of the diplomatic ties between the Philippines and Mexico, through the port city of Singapore.


The Manila Galleon trade, spanning from the 16th to the 20th century, connected Asia to the Americas and Europe. Spanish ships annually sailed from Manila to Acapulco, carrying goods ranging from porcelain to spices and returning with silver. The exhibition, curated by ACM, showcases over 140 artworks which illustrate the cultural and artistic connections between Manila and Mexico City, and Manila’s role as a precursor to Singapore as a port city.  It underscores the significance of port cities in shaping diverse societies and fostering artistic and cultural exchanges worldwide.


The opening ceremony was graced by Mr. Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth as the Guest of Honor; H.E. Medardo G. Macaraig, Philippine Ambassador to Singapore; H.E. Agustin García-López Loaeza, Mexican Ambassador to Singapore; Mr. Kennie Ting, ACM and Peranakan Museum Director; and Mr. Clement Onn, ACM’s Manila Galleon Trade Exhibition Principal Curator and Deputy Director. 


The ceremony was attended by members of Singapore’s diplomatic corps, business people, as well as history and art enthusiasts. From the Philippines, representatives of the Ayala Foundation, Intramuros Administration, and San Agustin Museum were also in attendance to support the exhibit opening. 


In his remarks, Ambassador Macaraig said that everyone present that night was part of this exhibit and each breathing conversation was the living proof of the Manila Galleon trade. He also recalled what Dr. Cuauhtémoc Villamar, a former Mexican diplomat and a scholar of the Manila Galleon trade, remarked  during a webinar on the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade co-organized by the Philippine Embassy in 2021, that, “We are the living inheritance of centuries of interaction across the Pacific”. 


The exhibit includes a showcase of artifacts and relics loaned by the Ayala Museum, Intramuros Administration, San Agustin Museum, and other privately-owned collectors. Mr. Onn conducted a A VIP tour for select guests prior to the opening ceremony.


“Manila Galleon: From Asia to Americas” will be open until 17 March 2024. For further information on the exhibition and related events, please visit this link: Manila Galleon: From Asia to the Americas (


*For complimentary admission tickets and more information on the Asian Civilisations Museum, please send an email to the Philippine Embassy at


Relatedly, “World on a Plate!”, presented by Crossing Cultures x Manila Galleon, featuring food, culture and performances from Asia and the Americas, will be held on 1-3 December 2023 at the ACM grounds. Admission is free for most activities. For more details, please visit Crossing Cultures: World on a Plate ( and ACM’s social media pages (END).


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