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ART TREK 13 Inaugural Exhibit Features Young Filipino Artists
Minister and Consul General Adrian Bernie C. Candolada (extreme right) opens the Seabound and Dahlia exhibits, the first back-to-back-Art Trek exhibit this year. Minister Candolada is joined by Yavuz Gallery curators.
Young Filipino artists of The Working Animals Art Projects present their respective works of art.
Young Filipino artists who are members of The Working Animals Art Projects present their respective works of art.
Filipino artist, Keb Cerba, demonstrates how to use his own apps in order to explore and appreciate the artwork in his solo exhibit, Dahlia
Embassy officers and staff, members of the Filipino community and art enthusiasts attend the opening exhibit at Yavuz Gallery.

9 September 2019 – Art Trek 13, an annual Filipino art exhibition in Singapore, officially kicked off on 24 August 2019 with back-to-back exhibits entitled “Seabound” and “Dahlia” at the prestigious Yavuz Gallery in Gillman Barracks, a contemporary arts cluster in Singapore.

“Seabound” exhibit featured The Working Animals Art Projects composed of eight young and talented Filipino artists – Aiya Balingit, Lawrence Canto, Ronson Culibrina, Dale Erispe, Johanna Helmuth, John Marin, Pow Marin, Yeo Kaa – who are making a name in the Philippine art scene. Yavuz Gallery says Seabound “conveys a geographic reference to an area whose limits are linked not by land but entirely by water.” It also refers to a “a stance of embarking on a journey towards the sea and navigating a wider realm beyond it”.  The artists’ works presented an outward-looking and significant perspectives of how they see life.

The second exhibit featured Keb Cerba, an equally talented young Filipino artist who recently won the 2019 Ateneo Art Award. Cerda integrated the traditional art forms and new media, virtual reality and gaming platforms in his solo exhibit, Dahlia.

The two exhibits are curated by Ruel Caasi, a Filipino artist and curator.

Now on its 13th year, Art Trek serves as a platform for Filipino artists and Singapore galleries to collaborate with each other to promote further Philippine art in Singapore. END

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