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Philippine Embassy participates at International Friendship Day 2017 weekend Carnival at Singapore Discovery Centre
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The Philippine Embassy participated in the weekend Carnival of the International Friendship Day 2017 (IFD 2017) at the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) on Sunday, 28 May 2017. The activity is part of the Embassy’s ASEAN 50-related activities this year. A PHL station at the Carnival was set up that featured Filipino favorites including rice cake (puto), glass noodles (pansit sotanghon) and banana-filled spring roll dessert of jackfruit and brown sugar (turon). The activity concludes the Embassy’s presence in the IFD 2017, which started in 28 April 2017, with the launch of the PHL booth at the ongoing special exhibition dubbed “Flatworld and Mashup”. The PHL booth features Gingersnaps, Jollibee and preserved dried mangoes as examples of Philippine brands that made their way to the global market and Senator Manny Pacquiao is showcased as the country’s global personality. The exhibition was initially planned to run until 25 June but is now extended to 7 July 2017.


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