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Producers of Fresh and Processed Food from PH attend Food and Hotel Asia 2016
18 April 2016-Facade of the Philippine booth at Food and Hotel Asia 2016 held at the Singapore Expo from 12-15 April 2016. Seventeen (17) producers of fresh and processed food from the Philippines participated in FHA 2016.
18 April 2016-The Philippine booth showcased Philippine produce-mango, pineapple, pomelo, banana, papaya, avocado, coconut, brown rice, as well as processed foods-canned tuna, milk fish sardines, stevia as sugar substitute, polvoron (Filipino shortcake), banana chips and chocolates.
18 April 2016-Participants to the FHA 2016 and officials from the Philippine Department of Agriculture pose for a souvenir photo with Amb. Antonio A. Morales. Rightmost (back row) is Commercial Counsellor Glenn G. Peñaranda of the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) Singapore. Leftmost is Assistant Secretary for Agribusiness and Marketing of the Department of Agriculture, Engr. Leandro H. Gazmin.