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Official trip of President Duterte to Singapore
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The Philippine Embassy, Singapore provides the following details of and advisory for President Duterte’s meeting with the Filipino Community in Singapore.

Registration is done only online through the website of the Philippine Embassy, Singapore. If your registration is successful, you will receive the confirmation of your registration details in your email address. Print or take a screenshot of this email: you will need to present it at the venue.

Date : 28 April 2018, Saturday

Venue : Zepp@BIGBOX Hall at Big Box Mall, Level 3, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521

Time : The strict security conditions set by the Singapore authorities and Presidential Security Group require the audience to be admitted earlier and Hall entrance to be closed and secure 90 minutes before the President’s arrival.

1:30 PM Registration verification counters and security screening open
2:00 PM Admission for verified registered and security-cleared audience
to Zepp@BIGBOX  Hall begins
3:00 PM Pre-program entertainment begins
5:30 PM Registration closes. Admission into Zepp@BIGBOX Hall closes.
6:00 PM Expected arrival of President Duterte

Must bring:  

(1) A print-out or screen shot of the registration verification email, and

(2) your IC / NRIC / FIN / WP


To ensure that this community meeting will be peaceful, orderly and enjoyable for all, the following policies will be strictly enforced. Persons who will not agree to or comply with these may be removed from the venue.

  1. This registration is for one person only and is not transferable
  2. Due to limited seating, admission will prioritize Philippine nationals, former Philippine nationals, and family members of Philippine nationals
  3. When you arrive at Big Box Mall, you will go through a two-step procedure
  • Registration verification (at Big Box Mall Level 1 Registration Counters for the Meeting with President Duterte), where you must show the print-out or screenshot of this message and your IC/NRIC (if you do not have any of these, you will be allowed to proceed)
  • When your registration has been verified, you will receive an event ID bracelet which you must wear. It will be required to proceed to security screening and entry to Zepp@BIGBOX Hall. Take care of this bracelet and keep it on! If this bracelet is torn or lost, you will not be allowed to proceed further and you will be turned away.
  • You will go through security screening (which will include passing through detectors and a bag search). After this, you will proceed to the Zepp@BIGBOX Hall for seating.
  1. The Embassy officials, security authorities and event marshals have the discretion to refuse admission to or remove any person whom they regard as posing a threat to public safety or a disruption to peaceful and orderly conduct of this event. Such persons will be removed from the Zepp@BIGBOX Hall.
  1. Caregivers or babysitters bringing their ward must make the online registration for their ward and bring the written consent of the family for the ward to attend the meeting.
  1. This meeting is a Filipino community social event without any political agenda. The Singapore authorities will not allow the display or distribution of any materials (including banners, placards, leaflets) at the venue.
  1. Placards, banners, flags will not be allowed in the Zepp@BIGBOX Hall so that the view of the audience will not be obstructed. The Embassy and authorities will remove such items, which may be retrieved after the meeting by the owners.
  1. The following items will not be allowed to be brought into Zepp@BIGBOX Hall (If you bring any, you will be made to leave them outside the Hall):
  • Umbrella
  • Selfie stick
  • Large bag, including backpack, luggage
  1. The Philippine Embassy, the meeting organizers, the volunteers assisting in this event, and Singapore authorities are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings during this event. You are discouraged from bringing any valuables to this event.
  1. Once you are at the Zepp@BIGBOX Hall, you will be entitled to one free snack pack (containing some light food and a drink).
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