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22 February 2022, Singapore – The Philippine Embassy in Singapore wishes to share updates on the Philippine Government’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

As of 17 February 2022, the Philippines has administered a total of 133,234,116 vaccinations, which include first and second doses. From 10 to 17 February, the country  administered 2,492,964 doses.

A total of 67,928,954 Filipinos have received at least one dose, accounting for 60.9% of the total population, while 62,199,764 individuals (or 55.7% of total populations) are fully vaccinated. Moreover, 9,489,120 individuals (8.5% of total population) have received booster doses. 

74.8% of the Philippines’ adult population aged 18 years old and above are fully vaccinated, while 64.6% of the 12-17 years old population are fully vaccinated.

In terms of total doses administered, the Philippines ranked 17th globally (out of 205 countries), 11th in Asia (out of 47 countries), and 3rd in ASEAN (after Indonesia and Vietnam).

The country’s daily rate of doses (7-day average of 356,138 doses) administered is among the highest globally (14th rank), in Asia (9th rank), and in ASEAN (2nd rank, after Indonesia).

With the current pace of vaccination, the Philippines is set to fully vaccinate 70% of its total population in 91 days. Among the 15 most populous countries in the world, the Philippines ranks 13th in terms of population, 12th in COVID-19 vaccine doses administered, and 8th in terms of percentage of population who have been fully vaccinated.

Data on vaccine administration is from the Department of Health while data on global ranking is from consolidated reports of Foreign Service Posts and Bloomberg.


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