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Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Graced the 16th Ambassador’s Cup
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Members of the various Filipino Community organizations get-together for a bowling tournament during the Ambassador’s Cup on 23 July 2019, organized by Filipino Bowlers Club Singapore (FBCS).
Ambassador Joseph del Mar Yap (center) with Ms. Josephine Isip (left side of the Ambassador), President of Filipino Bowlers Club Singapore (FBCS) and FBCS members.


The Champion Team for the Ambassador’s Cup, Association of Mapua Alumni Singapore.
Ambassador Joseph del Mar Yap (center), Minister and Consul General Adrian Bernie C. Candolada (left side of Ambassador Yap), Consul J. Anthony A. Reyes (right side of Ambassador Yap), Labor Attaché Saul T. De Vries (fourth to the left), with the Embassy and POLO staff who composed the three Embassy teams.

28 July 2019 – The Filipino Bowlers Club, Singapore (FBCS) organized the 16th Ambassador’s Cup at the Super Bowl, Mt. Faber, bringing together teams from various Filipino organizations and companies in Singapore.

Ambassador Joseph del Mar Yap opened the tournament with a ceremonial roll-off. Ms. Josephine Isip, President of the Filipino Bowlers Club Singapore (FBCS), welcomed the participants to the bowling tournament.

The Philippine Embassy and Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Singapore organized three teams to participate in the friendly tournament.

The team from the Association of Mapua Alumni (Singapore), or SAMA, was declared the champion, followed by Showtime 1 and Maleficent.

The Filipino bowling enthusiasts got together and collaborated in order to benefit a noble, non-profit cause – the House of Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer in Davao City.

As with previous Ambassador’s Cup, the event accomplished three objectives: it improves the health of the participants, it strengthens the bonds of the Filipino community in Singapore and it provides much needed financial assistance to the children who are sick with cancer. END


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