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(22 November 2023, Singapore) The Philippine Embassy in Singapore has recently been alerted of a fraudulent certification that is being circulated with the intention to deceive, scam and defraud travelers. The fake document falsely states that the Embassy certifies the inclusion of the traveler in the blacklist of various Singapore government agencies, demanding payment in order to remove his name from the blacklist. 

The certification contains the Embassy logo and a forged signature in an attempt to legitimize the malicious document. It is highly likely that there are similar documents bearing the Embassy’s logo and forged signature being used for illicit purposes.  

The Embassy categorically states that it does not issue such Certifications. It does not have information on individuals blacklisted by Singapore institutions.

The Embassy warns all travelers to and from Singapore about this possible scam and urge them to exercise caution to avoid falling victim to this fraudulent scheme. The Embassy further enjoins the public to:

  1. Verify any communication received claiming to be from the Embassy, and report any similar suspicious activities through e-mail at;
  2. Avoid sharing personal information to unknown sources; and
  3. Stay informed by regularly checking the Embassy’s website and Facebook and other social media pages.

The Embassy reminds all concerned that forgery and falsification of documents are serious criminal offenses under Philippine and Singapore laws. (END)

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