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UP Alumni Association Singapore Raise Funds for Scholarship Program through Cookbook
Officers and members of the UPAAS display a copy of Metro Cuisine during their Barrio Fiesta event on 05 October 2019 (Photo: UPAAS)

17 October 2019 – To sustain its scholarship program through its Endowment Fund for Education, the UP Alumni Association Singapore (UPAAS) continues to promote the cookbook “Metro Cuisine: Cosmopolitan Finger Foods” among Filipino and Singaporean friends, fellow UP alumni and food enthusiasts.

The cookbook showcases the vibrant Filipino food culture in Singapore and reflects the present-day cosmopolitan Filipino who retains his cultural roots while embracing the enriching influences brought by other cultures.

Since it was launched in 2009 in partnership with the Philippine Embassy in Singapore and the Singapore Art Museum, Metro Cuisine has enabled UPAAS to continue supporting four (4) UP students from the various UP campuses. This is in line with the objective of UPAAS of giving back to the country and supporting the vital role of its alma mater in developing Philippine society and the Filipino nation as a whole while contributing to sustainable poverty alleviation initiatives in the country.

The UPAAS Scholarship Programme is being administered by the UP Office of Students and Scholarship Services, and provides tuition and stipend to the poorest students at UP.

Metro Cuisine was made possible through the generous funding of the Lee Foundation, Singapore’s largest private charitable institution and supervised by publisher and book designer, Mr. Goh Eck Kheng, and food writer and consultant, Mr. Christopher Tan.

This cookbook features 65 finger food recipes that were contributed by UP alumni members, Filipino dignitaries, Singaporean friends, friends from other countries, from  Filipino Muslims of Singapore and a Household Service Worker in Singapore. This list of contributors presents a full circle of cooperation that cut across cultures, organisations, sectors, religions and nations.

Among the recipes featured were those from former Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Belen Anota, who is also a UP alumnus.

“I strongly encourage our Filipino and Singaporean friends to support this initiative of UPAAS as it is for a very worthwhile cause. Deserving yet underprivileged students of UP will benefit from the proceeds of the sale of Metro Cuisine. Plus, it is a wonderful showcase of Filipino cuisine straight out of the kitchens of Filipinos currently or formerly based in Singapore,” Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Joseph Del Mar Yap said.

To purchase a copy of Metro Cuisine, interested parties may email UPAAS through Copies of the book are also available at the Philippine National Bank (PNB) office at the 3rd floor of the Lucky Plaza in Singapore. END

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