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Mr. Alex Terol deposits the voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) into the voters’ receipt receptacle
Ms. Carmina Mancenon-Wilson patiently waits as the vote counting machine (VCM) prints the VVPAT


(12 April  2022, Singapore)  Singapore-based Filipino private equity executives Mr. Alexander Joe Terol and Ms. Carmina Mancenon-Wilson were two of the early morning voters at the Philippine Embassy to cast their votes on Monday, during the second day of the month-long overseas voting period. They came early to vote right before going to their respective workplaces.

Their decision to schedule their visit to the Embassy on a weekday was in response to the call of the Philippine Embassy for skilled and professional workers to vote on weekdays in order to free up slots during the weekends for those employed as household service workers who enjoy their day-off on Sundays.

“I felt it was more efficient to vote early in the morning during a weekday when the precinct is less crowded,” said Mr. Terol. Ms. Mancenon-Wilson, on the other hand, wants to start the week on a positive note by exercising her right to vote.

In Singapore, sixty (60%) percent of the estimated 200,000 Filipinos are professionals, skilled workers, and business owners. There are an estimated 46 Filipino-owned enterprises operating in the city-state.

Overseas voting continues until 9 May 2022. Filipino registered voters are highly encouraged to use the pre-verification system through for a faster voting process. (END)

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