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NCCA Chair Visits Singapore
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In line with the Cultural Diplomacy initiatives of the Philippine Embassy, Chair Felipe M. de Leon, Jr., of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) attended two (2) major Philippine arts and  cultural events in Singapore, namely, the official launching of the 10th Philippine Art Trek and the Love, Light, and Living Festival which showcased the giant parol from the Philippines.

Official Launching of the 10th Philippine Art Trek

On 02 September 2016, Chair de Leon, together with Mr. Alan Goh, Vice President of Singapore Management University (SMU) graced the official launching of the 10th Philippine Art Trek which featured SininGapor’s group exhibit, “Bagahe: Art as Remittance,” at the De Suantio Gallery of SMU, 90 Stamford Road.

During the official launching, Chair de Leon also gave a comprehensive talk on “Exploring Philippine Arts in Context”, which afforded the guests a deeper understanding of the origin of Philippine Art and various aspects of Filipino culture that influence it.

In his opening remarks, Ambassador Antonio A. Morales thanked the guests, artists and sponsors for their continued support to the Philippine Art Trek. He conveyed the Embassy’s appreciation to the various organizations that consistently supported the Art Trek during the ten years of its existence especially this year’s supporters, SMU, Lee Foundation, Keppel Corporation and Philippine Bayanihan Society Singapore (PBSS).

Ambassador Morales also assured that the Philippine Embassy will continue the annual Art Trek, which is a unique platform for opening opportunities in Singapore to Filipino artists. As Art Trek has already established itself as one of the most sustained events focused on promoting art outside of the Philippines, it has greatly contributed to fostering people-to-people relations by promoting understanding of the Philippine art and culture.

In keeping with the theme of the group exhibit, Mr. Mark Anthony Canios serenaded the guests with Lipad ng Pangarap and Babalik Ka Rin – songs which depict the life and aspirations of Filipinos abroad.

Parol Light-Up: Love, Light and Living Festival


On 03 September 2016, Chair de Leon attended the light-up ceremony of the giant Philippine parol from San Fernando Pampanga during the Love, Light and Living Festival co-organized by the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) and the Parol 2016 Working Committee whose members are from the Filipino community.   Chair  de Leon also gave a short talk on “The Mother-Child Archetype in Philippine Culture” which touched on the origin and significance of the parol.

The Chair also paid a visit to Singapore’s three museums and was met by their respective heads, namely, Mr. John Teo, General Manager of the Peranakan Museum, Dr. Eugene Tan, Director of the National Gallery Singapore and Mr. Kennie Ting, Director of the ACM.

ncca2On the same day, Ambassador Morales hosted a lunch for Chair de Leon at the Official Residence. They were joined by Ms. Veronica Amboni of the NCCA, representatives from the Parol 2016 Working Committee and officials of the Philippine Embassy.


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