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The Philippine Embassy, in coordination with Utterly Art Gallery, organized the second art exhibit from a series of Art Trek 2017 exhibit, entitled “Superhuman”.

Ambassador Antonio A. Morales graced the opening of the exhibit at the Utterly Art Gallery on 7 September 2017. The art gallery was full-packed with art aficionados, Filipino and Singaporean artists and members of the Filipino community.

According to the artist, Mr. Angelo Tabije, the show is a surreal approach to transhumanism, genetic enhancement, and other artificial manipulations of the human body, in a world where individualism and uniqueness are most important assets to stand out from the rest. The artist envisions a future of customized human where the next evolution would come out unnaturally.

Dr. Keng-Hock Pwee, owner of Utterly Art, has been continuously supporting Filipino artists since the establishment of Art Trek in 2007.

Ambassador Antonio A. Morales (center) with Mr. Angelo Tabije and Dr. Keng-Hock Pwee (L to R)
Ambassador Antonio A. Morales (center) with Mr. Angelo Tabije, Dr. Keng-Hock Pwee and the officers and staff of the Philippine Embassy
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