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Philippines participates in The Chingay@Heartland 2018 Celebration
The members of the Higaunon Tribe Cultural Dance, a Filipino Community dance group who performed during the Chingay@Heartland 2018 Celebration
The Philippine booth featuring the Human Nature beauty products

The Philippines was one of the participating ASEAN countries in the Chingay @Heartland 2018 celebration, with a cultural performance and  a booth at the bazaar featuring Philippine products.

The Higaunon Tribe Cultural Dance, a Filipino Community dance group, performed a Higaunon Tribal Dance, an ethnic dance from the northern and central regions of Mindanao best described as a dance for  the “people of the living mountains” and “people of the wilderness”.

The Philippine booth which featured “Human Nature” beauty products using natural and Philippine ingredients was a hit during the festival.

The Chingay @Heartland 2018 celebration is among the activities organized by the Singapore Government in line with the Singapore Chairmanship of the ASEAN this year.

Chingay is held in Singapore and Malaysia as part of the Chinese New Year festivities. The term Chingay itself originated from the Chinese communities of Southeast Asia.