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Pinoy Shuttlers Singapore opens 3rd Major Badminton Tournament
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On Saturday, 25 April 2015, the Pinoy Shuttlers Singapore (PSS), a Filipino-led badminton group, opened the 3rd edition of its annual Major Badminton Tournament at the Singapore Badminton Hall at Geylang, Singapore. The event, supported by AIA and other sponsors, drew in various badminton teams from across Singapore. Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Antonio A. Morales graced the opening ceremony. In his brief remarks, Ambassador Morales congratulated PSS and its supporters for organizing yet another exciting competition that serves to build stronger bonds not just among Filipinos but also with the locals and other foreigners in Singapore. Ambassador Morales also took the opportunity to share a few announcements on developments in Philippine-Singapore relations. He also encouraged the participants to register for the overseas absentee voting (OAV) during the 2016 elections and to support major activities involving the Filipino community.

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