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Philippine Embassy held Strategic Wellness Seminar and Debriefing for Embassy Personnel

In line with the Department of Foreign Affairs’ objective to promote the well-being of Foreign Service personnel, the Philippine Embassy held a Strategic Wellness Seminar and Debriefing for its personnel from 01 to 03 September 2017.

The three-day program, including the seminar was facilitated by Ms. Maria Teodora S. Dizon, a psychologist, and representatives from the DFA’s Human Resource Management Office (HRMO). Among the topics explored were stress management, best practices for handling and dealing with various types of people, and effective communication.

Ambassador Antonio M. Morales, who was present during the seminar, expressed appreciation for the initiative, as ensuring the wellness of the Embassy personnel would redound to the delivery of more effective frontline services to the clients.

Resource speaker and facilitator of the seminar, Ms. Maria Teodora S. Dizon, addresses the participants
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