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Filipino Artist debuts solo ceramic exhibition in Singapore
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From left to right: First Secretary and Consul Gonaranao B. Musor; Filipino Ceramic Artist Pablo K. Capati III; parents of the artists, Mr. Pablo and Mrs. Ning Capati; and Ms. Veronica Howe, Director of One East Asia Gallery.

07 December 2016 – Pablo K. Capati III, a Filipino ceramic artist, debuted his solo ceramic exhibition entitled “Interplay” at the One East Asia Gallery last 06 December. The exhibit will run until 30 December 2016.

Mr. Capati’s method of wood-firing pots and sculptures uses an anagama or ‘cave’ kiln. This technique is a reflection of the influence of Japan in Capati’s artistry, where he first started taking pottery lessons as a teenager living in Kobe. Mr. Capati was previously featured in China, Thailand and Australia.

Ms. Veronica Howe, Director of One East Asia Gallery, thanked everyone for attending the opening reception and acknowledged this opportunity to feature an “often neglected form of art”.

First Secretary and Consul Gonaranao B. Musor congratulated Mr. Capati and One East Asia Gallery for this exhibition. “I agree with Veronica that pottery or ceramics is often neglected, nonetheless the Philippines has always had a rich tradition of pottery making. In fact, as archaeologist strive to learn more about the nation’s history and culture in pre-colonial times, it is usually the pottery dug up as artifacts that provide us with these glimpses,” Mr. Musor added.

One East Asia is a Singapore-based art management organization dedicated to enriching the appreciation of Southeast Asian art globally through exhibitions in Singapore and London, international art fairs, and non-profit educational events.


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