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Applying for a Singapore Police Clearance

According to the Singapore Police Force, which issues the Singapore Police Clearance (Certificate of Clearance or COC), applicants [for a COC] “who are non-Singapore citizens are no longer required to submit a hardcopy appeal. Such applicants are now required to submit an online appeal via the COC eService webpage.”

Please refer to the Singapore Police Force website for information on applying for a Certificate of Clearance by non-Singapore Citizens, click here.

Summary of the advisory: non-Singapore citizens (permanent residents and foreigners holding a valid pass issued by ICA or MOM) seeking to acquire a Police Clearance from the Singapore Police Force must make an Appeal for Application for a Certificate of Clearance. The documentary requirements for the appeal (which are enumerated in the above-cited link) must be scanned and submitted online through the Singapore Police Force COC eService webpage (accessible through the above-cited link).

The Embassy will only be able to endorse the requests for Certificates of Clearance of foreigners who have a pending 13A visa application.

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