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Applying for a Singapore Police Clearance

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Information on applying for a Singapore police clearance may be found on the Singapore Police Force website.

For Filipinos residing in Singapore

Filipinos residing in Singapore (permanent residents and foreigners holding a valid pass issued by ICA or MOM) are eligible to apply for a COC with the SPF, but only upon successfully lodging an online appeal. The request can be done on the website indicated above through the applicant’s SingPass account. After application, the processing period is a minimum of 7 working days, within which a notification will be sent to schedule an appointment for fingerprint impressions at the Police Cantonment Complex. The COC will be issued following the recording of fingerprint impressions at the Cantonment.

For Filipinos residing overseas

For Filipinos residing overseas, the applicant’s FIN and passport details used during their stay in Singapore are required. Upon submission of the application through the website, the applicant will receive e-mail instructions to send their fingerprint impressions through mail. The fingerprint impressions can be requested at local police stations in the Philippines. The original impressions, along with the COC application receipt, should be mailed to the COC office:

Certificate of Clearance Office
Block D, #02-07/08
Police Cantonment Complex
391, New Bridge Road
Singapore 088762

Upon receipt and verification of the said documents, the COC will be mailed to the postal address provided in the online application form.

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