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Philippine Embassy personnel participate in the still-life painting workshop by Mr. Gerardo Jimenez



27  October 2022, Singapore – In line with the commemoration of Museum and Galleries Month (MGM), the Philippine Embassy in Singapore participated in the still-life painting workshop by Gerardo Jimenez, organized by the Department of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with Pintô Art Museum, during the rerun of the Launch of “PINTO: A 360° virtual experience tour” on 14 October 2022. The art demo showcased Philippine contemporary art and its role in cultural diplomacy.

Aside from the workshop, a gamified 360° virtual tour of the Philippines’ most Instagrammed museum, the Pintô Art Museum, was launched to encourage both Filipinos and foreigners to appreciate and learn about Philippine Contemporary Art via an immersive experience. The gamified virtual tour can be accessed through this link: 

This project aims to introduce and showcase Philippine contemporary art and Filipino artists. It also aims to shine the spotlight on how art shapes our society and vice versa, and art’s role in bridging differences and finding commonalities in nationalities, ideals, and views.

Prior to the launch, Post would also regularly hold bi-monthly art jam sessions which started during Mr. Celso Pepito’s visit to Singapore in mid-September 2022. Mr. Pepito, a Cebuano who is also known as the colorblind painter, made a stopover in Singapore before his travel to New York for an exhibition with various Filipino artists whose works were displayed at the Philippine Center. Mr. Pepito, together with his wife, Ms. Fe Pepito, also a painter,  visited the Embassy for a brief demo painting. 

Every October is the commemoration of Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 798, s. 1991.-END

Paintings are done by Philippine Embassy Personnel during their bi-monthly art jam sessions

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