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Reminder Against the Conduct of Political Campaigns in Singapore
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In relation to the upcoming Presidential elections in the Philippines, the Philippine Embassy in Singapore would like to remind Filipinos to exercise utmost care in demonstrating support for or opposition to any candidates or political views, as well as in doing acts that tend to publicise a cause or campaign. Such may constitute public assembly which if done without a permit from the police would be an offense under the Singapore Public Order Act.

In past advisories from the Singapore Police Force, authorities have particularly warned against foreigners importing their domestic political activities into Singapore. They said that those who break the law will be dealt with firmly, and this may include termination of visas or work passes where applicable.

Under this circumstance, registered Filipino voters in Singapore are encouraged to conduct their own private and personal research on the suitable candidates that they wish to vote for.

Filipino nationals are likewise informed that the Philippine Embassy strictly maintains its neutrality in the forthcoming elections thus its premises cannot be utilized for partisan political activities for any candidate.

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