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Philippine Textile Embroidery Workshop

Spend your morning with master weavers and embroiderers from The Philippines at The Makers Studio, where you get to learn local traditional weaving and embroidery techniques, using piña-seda fabrics, from the weavers of Balete, Aklan and embroiderers of Lumban, Laguna, Philippines.

In partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Singapore, the National Museum of the Philippines, and the Office of Representative Loren Legarda, TaFF will be organising the piña-seda embroidery workshop, a corollary activity of the Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition.

Piña-seda has been one of the well-known and enduring traditional style of clothing in the Philippines and piña weaving reflects aspects of Filipino intangible heritage such as the traditional knowledge systems of the local weavers. Piña is a fabric derived from pineapple and seda is silk produced from cocoons made by silkworms. Combined, the piña-seda exudes elegance and is also appreciated aesthetically for its intricate embroidered designs. The fabric is used for garments often times worn by dignitaries and Filipinos during celebrations of National Day and other special occasions.

Facilitated by the master embroiderers from The Philippines, the workshop will run for one to one and a half hours. Workshop kits will be distributed to participants. The facilitators will explain the contents of the kit and the different stages from transferring the actual design to the woven piña-seda cloth to the stretching of the cloth on the hoop and the embroidery proper.

The embroidery workshop will run as follows:

10.00am to 10:30am –

Registration and distribution of workshop kits

10:30am to 10:45am –

Overview of the Hibla ng Lahing Filipino Travelling Exhibition, Weaving Demonstrations and Embroidery Workshops. Introduction of the weavers, embroiderers and facilitators by Dr. Ana Maria Theresa P. Labrador, Deputy Director-General of the National Museum of the Philippines.

10:45am to 11.00am –

Lecture on Piña-Seda Embroidery in Lumban, Luguna, Southern Luzon, Philippines by the National Museum of Philippines

11.00am to 12.00pm –

Introduction to the workshop and step by step procedures of embroidery by NMP facilitators and Lumban expert embroiderers.

a. The contents of the workshop kit

b. Transfer of design/drawing to the piña-seda cloth

c. Attaching or placing the cloth in the frame

d. Embroidery proper

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