Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Secure an online appointment for Embassy services

Please choose the service you wish to avail:

Passport Renewal
Passport Renewal through PaRC-Singapore (walk-in accepted, with service fee) – please read Advisory HERE

Passport or Document Collection

Consular Documents
(authentication, notarization, certification,
affidavit, SPA, others, sworn statement, oath, etc.)

Renunciation of Citizenship

NBI Fingerprinting

Report of Marriage

Solemnization of Marriage Between Filipinos
(Note: The appointment is for your preferred date of solemnization. Once all the required documents are available and in order, please email to set an appointment for submission of documents)

For Report of Birth, e-mail

For Report of Death, e-mail

For Reacquisition of Philippine citizenship, e-mail

For OWWA and Contract Verification, e-mail

For OWWA membership appointment

For POLO validation of vaccination certificate, email