Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Applying for a Philippine Passport

The Embassy of the Philippines issues electronic passports (ePassport) which are printed in the Philippines.

The Embassy recommends that you apply for a new passport about 9 months before your passport’s expiration date.

The Embassy will allow application for a new passport a year or more before the current passport’s expiration when the latter’s visa pages are running out, when the applicant is due for pass renewal or will be making an extended overseas travel, or when a meritorious need calls for it.

If there is an urgent immigration or travel need and your passport is nearing expiration, read this website’s section on Passport Validity Extension.

The steps for applying for a new passport (or passport renewal, as we call it) are as follows:

1. Make a Passport Appointment

The appointment is made online. To proceed with your online appointment, click here or go to url link http://philippineembassysgconsular.checkappointments.com/. After accomplishing the online application, you will receive an email that confirms the date and time of your passport appointment. Print this emailed confirmation and present it to the Embassy reception on the date of your appointment.

Be guided by the following:

  • Online appointment is necessary. The Embassy’s Consular Section will not process an application without an appointment.
  • In your application, enter your email address correctly. The verification of your appointment will be sent to this email address.
  • An applicant is allowed to reserve only one appointment.
  • If one person is applying for other family members, a separate appointment must be made for each family member, under their respective names. The same email address may be used for multiple appointments.
  • The confirmation message will contain instructions for the passport appointment.

2. Come to the Embassy on your appointment date with the documentary requirements

When you come to the Embassy for your passport appointment, bring the following documentary requirements:

  • Printed appointment confirmation message of the Embassy
  • Accomplished application for passport renewal (click here to download)
  • Current Philippine passport and photocopy of passport information page
  • Singapore IC (Permanent Residence, E Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, Dependent Card, Study Permit, Long Term Visit Pass)

Additional requirements are strictly required in these cases:

  • For married women who are declaring their change of marital status for the first time: either Report of Marriage issued by a Philippine Embassy or consulate (if marriage was done outside of the Philippines) or original PSA/NSO Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA, if marriage was done in the Philippines.
  • For applicants age 17 years and below: (1) Personal appearance of either mother or father, (2) Original PSA / NSO Birth Certificate; (3) Original PSA / NSO Marriage Certificate of applicant’s parents; (4) Original passport of mother and father. Notes: These requirements are enforced in strict compliance with current Philippine Government regulations to ensure the true paternal and maternal relations between the minor and accompanying adult. If one parent is not residing with the child in Singapore, the photocopy of the passport of the non-residing parent will suffice.
  • For applicants whose current passport expired for more than a year, original PSA-issued birth certificate printed on security paper; for married women, either Report of Marriage issued by a Philippine Embassy or Consulate (if marriage was done outside of the Philippines) or original PSA/NSO Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA, if marriage was done in the Philippines.

3. Collect your new passport on the indicated date of collection

Your new Philippine passport is expected to be available for collection about four (4) weeks after your successful passport renewal application. The Embassy is not liable for any delay in the availability of a passport due to possible occurrences in production and shipment.

The following must be presented when claiming the new passport:

  • The blue Consular Collection Slip issued at the passport appointment
  • The current Philippine passport (to be cancelled and returned to the passport owner). The new passport will NOT be released if the old passport is not presented for cancellation.
  • Signed authorization letter from the passport owner, if new passport will be claimed by a proxy. The new passport will NOT be released if the signed authorization letter is not presented.

The Embassy’s website has an online passport availability checker (EPASSPORTS READY FOR COLLECTION) which informs on a passport’s readiness for collection.

For information on various passport-related procedures and concerns, click on the appropriate link below: