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MANILA 13 May 2024 – Being a strong advocate of rules-based governance, the Philippine Government is firm and united in respecting and upholding the rule of law in both the domestic and international milieus. It is in this context that the Philippines — as a responsible member of the international community of nations — has consistently called for adherence to international law, including the United Nations Charter, the Vienna Conventions governing inter-state relations, and in the maritime domain the 1982 UNCLOS, among others. 

Foreign diplomats accredited to the Philippines are accorded the necessary liberties to conduct their diplomatic duties, with the expectation that they, in turn, will conduct their diplomatic activities with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, in pursuit of common interests and mutually beneficial outcomes. 

The Department of Foreign Affairs will look into any reports of illegal and unlawful activities by diplomatic officials, and undertake necessary action in line with existing laws and regulations.

The Department of Foreign Affairs continues to focus its efforts on advancing cooperation with all countries. END

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