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FAQs: Travel to the Philippines of Foreign Nationals

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Can I enter the Philippines visa-free? You can enter the Philippines visa-free if you are fully-vaccinated and you:
  • Are a citizen or national of a non-visa required country under Executive Order 408 s. 1960 (E.O. 408), the list of which appears below; OR
  • Are a holder of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or Macau SAR passports (stay period not exceeding fourteen (14) days); OR
  • Are a former Filipino citizen with balikbayan privilege under Republic Act No. 9174 or a spouse/child of a balikbayan travelling with them. Visa-free
What are the requirements to enter the Philippines visa-free?
  1. Proof of vaccination (WHO Certificate, VaxCertPH, national/digital certificate issued by countries with reciprocal arrangement with the Philippines; for Singapore, digital certificate issued through Notarise Singapore);
  2. Negative RT-PCR test taken within 48 hoursor laboratory-administered antigen test/ART within 24 hours prior to departure from (first) point of origin;
  3. Valid return ticketor ticket to onward destination (not later than 30 days from the date of arrival in the Philippines;14 days for Macau/HK nationals)
  4. Passport valid for at least six monthsfrom the time of arrival in the Philippines; AND
  5. Obtain, prior to arrival, travel insurancefor COVID-19 treatment costs from a reputable insurance company, with a minimum coverage of USD35,000, for the duration of your stay in the Philippines.
I am a permanent resident in Singapore and I will be flying from Singapore, can I enter the Philippines visa free? Under current regulations, only fully vaccinated foreign nationals who belong to the categories listed above may enter the Philippines. I am not fully-vaccinated due to medical reasons and I have a document certifying this. Can I travel to the Philippines? Under current regulations, only foreign nationals fully vaccinated foreign nationals with sufficient proof of vaccination may enter the Philippines. I tested positive in my pre-departure RTPCR/ART test? Can I travel to the Philippines? Fully-vaccinated foreign nationals who are unable to present a NEGATIVE pre-departure RTPCR/ART test will not be allowed entry into the Philippines. Foreign nationals who have recently recovered from COVID-19 are advised to postpone their travel until their RTPCR/ART tests negative. I am a national of a country not in the list above. Can I apply for a visa to enter the Philippines? You can only apply if: (1) You are a spouse/child/parent of a Filipino national (2) You have an entry exemption endorsement issued by the Philippine national agency and the Department of Foreign Affairs (for business travellers) I am not a spouse/child/parent of a Filipino, and I do not have an entry exemption endorsement issued by a Philippine national government agency. Can I apply for a visa? Under current regulations, you will not be entitled to apply for a visa, or enter the Philippines. Leisure and tourism travellers from countries NOT in the above list is not yet allowed entry into the Philippines, in view of phased opening measures. I am a Chinese or Indian national, but I have a valid American, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Schengen, Singapore or UK (AJACSSUK) visa. Can I apply for a visa or enter the Philippines visa-free? No. Under current regulations, you will not be entitled to apply for a visa, or enter the Philippines, even with a valid AJACSSUK visa. This privilege remains temporarily syspended. I am traveling for business. How do I apply for an entry exemption endorsement? If you intend to travel to the Philippines for business, you may submit a request to the Department of Trade and Industry. The urgency and necessity of your travel shall be evaluated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which will then endorse the application to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for approval. The sponsoring or supporting PH company must send a letter to DTI. Once the authority to issue the business visa is issued by the DFA, the applicant will be requested by the Philippine Embassy in Singapore to submit the usual business visa requirements. I have received an entry exemption document for travel to the Philippines. What is my next step?
  1. Lodge your online visa application at Click here for a step-by-step procedure.
  2. E-mail to secure an appointment for visa application.
  3. The requirements for visa application will be sent through e-mail.
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