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Is My New Passport Ready?

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Singapore PE | M Salvador IMPORTANT NOTES:
  • The search results for passports ready for collection will appear on the table below.
  • This online database contains passport applications lodged in Singapore only, and is updated regularly
  • You may collect your passport before the collection date stated on the blue consular collection slip, if your name details are listed on the table below
  • Present your current passport and collection slip upon claiming the new passport.
  • Our collection counter is open from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm (no noon break), Monday to Friday except public holidays.
  • For last name containing "Ñ", please input "Ñ" not "N" as the system has exact match search. Press "alt+165" shortcut key on your keyboard.
  • For other inquiries / verification requests, including request for transfer of release of new passport, send an email to:
Input your SURNAME:

Search results of ePassports ready for collection at this embassy will appear in this table.

Book an appointment for passport collection by visiting THIS LINK.

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