Monday, April 19, 2021

Applying for a Philippine Passport

IMPORTANT: The Embassy is extending consular services by appointment only, until further notice. Walk-in applicants will not be entertained. 

The Embassy strongly recommends renewal of passports one (1) year before your passport expiration date. The Embassy allows renewal of passports that have more than one year validity left in cases wherein: (1) passport pages are running out; (2) a longer passport validity is needed for work pass renewal, residency permit renewal or visa application; and (3) for other meritorious cases.


1. Secure an Online Appointment

To secure an online appointment for passport renewal/application, please click here or go to the URL link After accomplishing the online appointment form, you will receive an email that confirms the date and time of your passport appointment. Print the email confirmation and present it to the Embassy reception on the date of your appointment.

Please be guided by the following:

  • An appointment is strictly required. The Embassy’s Consular Section will not process an application without a confirmed appointment.
  • Make sure that you enter the correct e-mail address as your appointment confirmation will be sent to your registered email.
  • An applicant is allowed to reserve only one appointment slot. If you are applying along with family members, a separate appointment must be secured for each family member. The same email address may be used for multiple appointments.
  • The confirmation e-mail will contain instructions for your passport appointment.
  • Applicants who urgently need to renew their passport for meritorious reasons (i.e. for pass renewal ) may request an earlier appointment via e-mail at with the following attachments: (1) copy of appointment confirmation; (2) copy of passport data page, (3) copy of work pass ID, and (4) proof of the need for an urgent appointment (such as expiring work pass, urgent travel, etc.). Requests are subject to approval and availability of appointment slots. (IMPORTANT: Rescheduling of passport appointment is free of charge.)

2. Come to the Embassy on your appointment date with the documentary requirements

When you come to the Embassy for your passport appointment, bring the following documentary requirements:

  • Printed appointment confirmation e-mail
  • Accomplished application form for passport renewal (click here to download)
  • Current Philippine passport with one (1) photocopy of the passport information/data page
  • Singapore IC, Personalized Employment Pass, E Pass, S Pass, Work Permit, Dependent Pass, Student Pass or Long Term Visit Pass

Other requirements

  • For newly-married women who will use their husband’s surname:
    • If married in the Philippines, original Marriage Certificate (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) with Apostille Certificate issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs – original and one (1) photocopy (If entries are blurred or unreadable, transcribed Marriage Certificate from the Local Civil Registry)
    • If married abroad, Report of Marriage duly authenticated by PSA, or personal (not PSA) copy of Report of Marriage registered by the Philippine Embassy in Singapore within one year of passport application date – original and one (1) photocopy
  • For women who would like to revert to their maiden name:
    • For women who are widowed, divorced, or whose marriage has been annulled, please present and submit copy of the appropriate document:
      • If widowed:
        • Death Certificate of the deceased spouse, in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) with Apostille Certificate issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs – original and one (1) photocopy; or
        • Death Certificate in English authenticated/Apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of death – – original and one (1) photocopy
      • If marriage is annulled:
        • Annotated PSA Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage – – original and one (1) photocopy; and
        • Certified True Copy (CTC) of Court Order effecting the annulment – – original and one (1) photocopy
      • If divorced:
        • Certified True Copy (CTC) of the Divorce Decree in English duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce was obtained or by the concerned foreign diplomatic or consular mission in the Philippines – original and one (1) photocopy
        • Certified True Copy (CTC) of Philippine Court recognition of foreign divorce decree – original and one (1) photocopy
        • PSA Marriage Contract or Report of Marriage with the annotation of the Divorce Decree – original and one (1) photocopy
        • For Philippine Court recognition of foreign divorce decree, please see link :
  • Applicants below 18 years of age should be accompanied by either the mother or the father.
  • To establish filiation or parentage or avoid inconsistencies or discrepancies in encoding, the Embassy may require the presentation of additional documents, such as the following:
    • PSA-issued Birth Certificate, if the applicant was born in the Philippines;
    • Report of Birth issued by the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General, if the applicant was born outside of the Philippines;
    • Marriage Certificate or Report of Marriage of parents;
    • Valid passport of parents; or
    • Other documents deemed necessary by the passport processor.

3. Collect your new passport on your confirmed date of collection

Note that all passports are printed in the Philippines. Your new Philippine passport is expected to be available for collection about eight (8) weeks after your successful passport renewal application. The Embassy is not liable for any delay in the availability of a passport due to possible occurrences in production and shipment.

Please check the Embassy’s online passport availability checker by clicking this link: (EPASSPORTS READY FOR COLLECTION. The site also provides a link for securing an appointment to collect your passport once it is ready for collection. Securing an appointment for passport collection is required.

       Please bring the following on your passport collection date:

  • The confirmation e-mail of your appointment for passport collection;
  • The BLUE consular collection slip issued to you when you applied for your passport;
  • Your current Philippine passport, which will be cancelled and returned to you along with your new passport. Your new passport will NOT be released if the old passport is not presented for cancellation.
  • Signed authorization letter from the passport holder, if the new passport will be claimed by a proxy. The new passport will NOT be released if the signed authorization letter is not presented together with the proof of identification of the proxy. (Note that passports of minors can be claimed only by the mother/father).

For Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, Pregnant Women and Children with Special Needs 

The passport application of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pregnant women or children with special needs may be accommodated during off-peak hours. Please send your request to, cc:

For more information on other passport-related procedures and concerns, click on the appropriate link below: