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Consular Fees

The Embassy only accepts CASH or PayNow payment.

Payment by credit or debit cards, NETS, or cheque are not available.

Please be advised of the Embassy’s “No Refund Policy” on fees paid for consular services, both for actual services rendered and applications no longer pursued.

New Passport / Passport Renewal102.00
Replacement of Lost Passport (Green / MRP)153.00
Replacement of Lost passport (ePassport)255.00
Passport Validity Extension (for exceptional circumstances only)42.50
Issuance of Travel Document51.00
9(a) Temporary Visitors Visa (Tourist / Business)
.....Visa-Required Nationals Category 2
..........9(a) 59 Days Single Entry93.50
..........9(a) 59 Days Multiple Entry valid for 6 months144.50
..........9(a) 59 Days Multiple Entry valid for 1 year195.50
.....Visa-Required Nationals Category 1
..........Single Entry valid for 21 days110.50
..........Multiple Entry valid for 6 months178.50
..........Multiple Entry valid for 1 year246.50
.....For Chinese Nationals (EO 168)
..........Single Entry valid for 3 months85.00
9(b) Transit Visa, Single Entry valid for 3 months of not more than 72 hours
.....Visa-Required Nationals Category 276.50
.....Visa-Required Nationals Category 1110.50
9(c) Seaman's Visa76.50
Crew List Visa
.....Crew Members of not more than 40212.50
.....Crew Members from 41 to 100297.50
.....Crew Members from 101 to 200382.50
.....Crew Members in excess of 200467.50
Issuance of Non-Quota Immigrant Visa
.....9(f) Student Visa425.00
.....13(a) Spouse of Filipino citizens returning for permanent residence255.00
Jurat on Affidavit of Loss of Passport42.50
Jurat on Report of Birth42.50
Notarization of Affidavit of Loss42.50
Administering Oath on Visa Application42.50
Solemnization of Marriage102.00
Solemnization of Witness to Marriage FA Form 4142.50
Administering on Oath & Issuance of Certificate thereof (including Report of Birth, Marriage & Death, Affidavit [of Support & Consent, of No Income,etc])42.50
Acknowledgement of a Deed of Power of Attorney, each document or each copy for multiple copies42.50
Authenticating the official character of foreign entry42.50
Report of Marriage42.50
Report of Birth42.50
NBI Fingerprinting/Attestation42.50
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