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Important Update: Effective 16 September 2021, the Embassy of the Philippines in Singapore WILL NO LONGER be accepting authentication services for Singapore-issued documents for use in the Philippines. Those in need of authentication can secure Apostille certificates from the Singapore Academy of Law.

Official documents issued in Singapore (including Singapore Government documents, corporate documents, business agreements, records, among others, a bulleted list appears below) will be usable or acceptable in the Philippines only if they have been Apostillized by the Singapore Academy of Law. Each document that will be used in the Philippines must have individually attached Apostille certificate. 

  • ACRA or IRAS document
  • Business contract or agreement (including amendment of agreement)
  • Business letter
  • Commercial paper
  • Company letter or certification (including verification of employment, payslip)
  • Corporate document (including extract of minutes of meeting, extract of resolutions, Secretary’s Certificate, Director’s Certificate, financial statement)
  • Certificate of Clearance issued by the Singapore Police Force
  • Certificate of Marriage issued by ROM of Singapore
  • Certificate of Registration of Birth issued by ICA of Singapore
  • Certificate or Decree issued by a Court of the Singapore Court System
  • Employment contract
  • Legalized real estate property contract or deed
  • Search for Marriage Record issued by the ROM of Singapore
  • Student record issued by a private school
  • Student record issued by a government school

Documents with Apostille certificates NO LONGER NEED authentication by the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, and can be used in the Philippines.

For more information, please visit the SAL website or refer to the following:
SAL Legalization Poster
Apostille FAQs

For further details and assistance, please e-mail SAL through or call +6563324388.

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