Thursday, September 23, 2021

Guidelines for Travel to the Philippines (Non-OFWs and Foreign Nationals)

Prior to Departure

  1. At least three days before departure, register through Bureau of Quarantine’s OneHealthPass (OHP) Online Registration Platform. Save your transaction number. The transaction number will also be sent through your registered e-mail address. (Note: For travellers who do not have an address in the Philippines, you may put your company address or the address you will stay in after your quarantine period in the “permanent residence” field)
  2. Pre-book a quarantine facility of your choice from the list of DOT-accredited quarantine hotels. A mandatory quarantine of fourteen (14) days is required, with ten (10) days at a quarantine hotel/ facility of your choice, and the remaining four (4) days at one’s place of residence, if applicable.
  3. On the day of your departure, update your OneHealthPass/OHP registration (seat number, health declaration and other details). Input your transaction number and last name. Save or print the QR code generated. The OHP QR Code will also be sent through your registered e-mail address.
  4. Pre-book your RT-PCR swab test to be taken on Day 7 of your quarantine (Day 1 being the day of your arrival in the Philippines). You may book through your quarantine facility, through online platforms such as Red Cross electronic Case Investigation Form (e-CIF) or any DOH-accredited private testing center.

NOTE: The Philippine Government DOES NOT require a negative PRE-departure RT-PCR test. However, travellers are highly encouraged to check with their airline company whether a negative RT-PCR test is a required for check-in or boarding.)

While Inflight: Fill out the Arrival Card and Customs Declaration Form provided by the flight attendant.

Upon Arrival

  1. Present your OHP QR Code at the DOT Help Desk.
  2. Proceed to the Bureau of Immigration for arrival clearance then to baggage claim and customs inspection.
  3. Take the accredited or arrange transport service (airport taxi for non-OFWs and foreigners).

At the Quarantine Hotel/Facility

  1. Upon arrival at the hotel, present the OHP personal QR Code upon check-in.
  2. On the 7th day (with Day 1 as arrival date), proceed to the designated RT-PCR testing area and present your OHP personal QR code.
  3. While waiting for your swab test result, coordinate with the local government unit (LGU) for any additional requirements, if any.
  4. If your RT-PCR test result is negative, you will be allowed to check-out of your quarantine facility on Day 10 and spend the next four (4) days on home quarantine. Present the OHP QR Code upon check-out.

Note: Should your RT-PCR Test turn positive, the BOQ will transfer you to a designated hospital for further medical management.

For more information on quarantine, testing procedures and international vaccination certificates, please visit the Bureau of Quarantine website at or fill out their Contact Us page.

The Embassy does not verify/issue vaccination certificates for foreign nationals.