Saturday, November 27, 2021

General Information on the Entry of Foreigners

UPDATE: Pursuant to relevant resolutions from the COVID-19 Inter-agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), foreign nationals are still prohibited from entering the Philippines, except for those that fall under the categories below, provided:
(1) they have NOT been to a “red list” country/territory/jurisdiction within fourteen (14) days immediately preceding arrival in the Philippines; and
(2) belong to any of the categories listed below, provided the corresponding requirements are met:

Current “Red List Countries/Jurisdictions” are as follows: Faroe Islands, Netherlands

Categories of Foreign Nationals (FNs) Allowed to Travel to the PH

Categories Requirements
for Entry into PH
1 Diplomats and members of international organizations and their dependents

Valid 9(e) visa
Valid 47(a)(2) visa (issued to those performing diplomatic functions)

2 Filipino dual citizens Proof of Philippine citizenship
3 Foreign nationals and permanent visa holders with valid and existing visas at the time of entry (9(c) and long term visa holders)

Valid 9(c) visa
Valid 13(a) visa
Valid long-term visa

4 Foreign nationals allowed entry under the Balikbayan Program (RA6768), provided they are nationals from non-visa required countries under EO 408 (former Filipino citizens, together with foreign spouses and children who are travelling with them; Foreign spouses and children of Filipino citizens, who are travelling with their Filipino principals) Proof of filiation
Visa-free for EO 408 countries;
Valid visa for countries not part of EO 408
5 Foreign spouses, parents and children of Filipino citizens (effective 1 August 2021) Valid 9(a) visa
Proof of filiation
6 Foreign nationals eligible for 9(g) and 47(a)(2) visa (effective 1 August 2021) Valid 9(g) visa
Valid 47(a)(2) visa
7 Foreign nationals duly endorsed by a Philippine government agency Valid 9(a) visa
Valid entry exemption document
8 Foreign seafarers for the purpose of crew change Valid crew list visa


  1. Click HERE for visa requirements for those granted entry exemption.
  2. Effective 1 August 2021, foreign spouses, parents, and children of Filipino citizens (category 5), whether or not travelling with their Filipino principals, may apply for a 9(a) visa at the Embassy, subject to submission of application requirements. Applicants may submit the complete requirements through e-mail at Please note that the Embassy will not process incomplete requirements.
  3. Foreign nationals seeking entry exemption for government and private businesses in the Philippines should secure an endorsement from the appropriate Philippine national government agency. The endorsing agency must submit their entry exemption request directly to DFA-Office of Consular Affairs (OCA).
  4. For protocols for arrival in the Philippines, please check this advisory. For further information on quarantine, testing procedures and international vaccination certificates, please visit the Bureau of Quarantine website at or fill out their Contact Us page. The Embassy does not verify/issue vaccination certificates for foreign nationals.
  5. Foreign nationals who were cleared for entry but subsequently found to have presented a counterfeit or fraudulent pre-booked accommodation upon validation by the DOT, or those who will violate the testing and quarantine protocols of the Department of Health, shall be subject to deportation.

Click HERE for detailed guidelines for travel and arrival protocolsĀ (for foreign nationals).

All travellers to the Philippines are required to comply with the ALL quarantine protocols and pre-book their quarantine facilities accordingly.

For further inquiries or clarifications, concerned foreign nationals may send an email to