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Passport FAQs


When to renew your passport

International travel and immigration authorities of all countries require at least 6 months’ validity on a passport to be allowed entry into a country. In Singapore, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) requires at least 2 years’ validity for Pass renewal.

The Embassy of the Philippines in Singapore recommends that you apply for a new passport about 9 months before your passport’s expiration date. However, for considerations such as Pass renewal, the depletion of visa pages in the passport, applying for a travel or immigration visa in a foreign embassy, or other meritorious need, the Embassy will allow application for a new passport a year or more before the current passport’s expiration.

If there is an urgent immigration or travel need and your passport is nearing expiration, read this website’s section on Passport Validity Extension.

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Making the passport appointment

The Embassy enforces an appointment system for the processing of passport applications. The Embassy’s website has a link to the ePassport Appointment system, which is also accessible at

The online system requires your email address, to which the system will send an electronic notice of your appointment date and time (the “confirmation notice” of your appointment). As some email services automatically place system-generated email in a “spam” folder, check your spam folder for your appointment confirmation notice.

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The Embassy’s ePassport Appointment System does not run in your computer

In most cases, this problem can be resolved by refreshing the page. Some older versions of browsers may be incompatible with our ePassport Appointment System, and there may be a need for you to switch to another browser, such as from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome or Safari. If you still continue to find it difficult to use the online system, contact the Passport Section with an email titled “Cannot access ePassport Appointment System” to

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You do not have an email address

If you do not have your own email address or are unable to create your own, you may use another person’s email address to receive the appointment confirmation message and other notices from the Embassy. However, you must indicate your own name and personal details in the online appointment procedure.

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Expediting the availability of a new passport for immediate collection

The production of a passport is done in the Philippines. The Embassy has no control over the production of a passport or its shipment to Singapore, and hence the Embassy cannot offer to assist in the expedited production or delivery of a passport. The Embassy can only advise that the expected availability of a new passport for collection is 6 weeks after the passport appointment date. Even then, the Embassy is not liable if a new passport’s availability is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Extension of Passport validity for Pass renewal and travel

The Embassy can extend the validity of a Philippine passport if the passport holder must make a Pass renewal or make an overseas travel in the immediate future, which cannot be delayed until the time a new passport can be applied for and is delivered.

However, the Embassy will extend a passport’s validity on the condition that the passport holder has made and done the passport renewal at the Embassy.

Requests for passport validity extension can be made to Passport Section with an email titled “Request for passport validity extension” to

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Requesting an earlier date for passport appointment

The demand for a passport appointment exceeds the Embassy’s daily processing capacity (180-200 applications a day) and appointment slots have been booked weeks and up to 3 months in advance. Applicants are advised to book an appointment in the system for the earliest available date, but if there is an urgent need to make the passport renewal at an earlier date, the applicant can request to move the appointment date. The request can be made to the Passport Section with an email titled “Urgent need for passport” to

The email must attach the scanned images of the current Philippine passport and the Singapore IC showing the expiration date, and text of the Embassy’s confirmation message for the previous passport appointment.

The applicant should propose the date and time for the earlier appointment and state the reason for the request. The Passport Section will reply with viable date and time for the rescheduled appointment.

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Expired passport for renewal or travel

Holders of an expired Philippine passport must apply for a new passport. They must follow the regular procedure for applying for a new passport, beginning with making an online passport appointment.

If the holder of an expired passport needs to make an overseas travel, a request for advice can be made to the Passport Section with an email titled “Expired passport, need to travel” to

The email must attach the scanned image of the current Philippine passport and the Singapore IC showing the expiration date. The Passport Section will reply with appropriate advice.

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Collecting your new passport

If you have done your passport appointment, you can check the availability of your new passport by consulting the “EPASSPORTS READY FOR COLLECTION” checker of the Embassy’s website. You need to know your passport Application Number (written on the blue Consular Collection slip that was issued to you on the day of your appointment). If your name initials and surname does not appear in the search result, then your passport has not been delivered to the Embassy.

Claiming your new passport at the Embassy will require the following:

  • The blue Consular Collection Slip issued at the passport appointment
  • The current Philippine passport (to be cancelled and returned to the passport owner)
  • If new passport will be claimed by a proxy, signed authorization letter from the passport owner. If the signed letter is not presented, the new passport will NOT be released to the proxy

The new passport can be claimed on a date later than the indicated availability date.

Passports that are not claimed one year after delivery to the Embassy are destroyed, which is a requirement of Philippine law.

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Delayed availability of the new passport

If the new passport’s availability is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and the passport holder needs the new passport for either overseas travel or Pass renewal, the Embassy’s Consular Section will extend the validity of the current passport (free of charge) so that the passport holder can proceed with that business.

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Passport nearing expiration and permanently returning to the Philippines

If the passport is nearing expiration (less than six months validity) and the passport holder will soon return to the Philippines for good, there is no need to apply for a new passport or to extend the validity of the passport.

Filipinos making one-way travel to the Philippines and whose passport is nearing expiry are allowed to purchase a direct airline trip to the Philippines and to enter the Philippines.

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Lost Passport and returning to the Philippines

Filipinos who have lost their passport and need to travel immediately to the Philippines can apply for a Travel Document at the Embassy. The Travel Document issued by the Embassy can be used only for direct one-way travel to the Philippines and not for travel to any other country. Filipino tourists in Singapore who have lost their passport can contact the Embassy

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Lost passport and replacement

Refer to the Embassy website’s information on the documentary requirements of the replacement of Lost or Mutilated (damaged) Passports.

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Passport for newborn infant born in Singapore

The Filipino parent(s) of an infant born in Singapore should apply for two consular services on behalf of the infant: the Report of Birth (registering the birth of a Filipino child born outside of the Philippines) and the passport application (Singapore’s ICA will require that the Filipino infant have a Philippine passport at the soonest possible time). The passport application of the child requires making the Report of Birth. These two consular services can be done at the same time.

The request for an appointment for these services can be made to the Passport Section with an email titled “Report of Birth and First Time Application of child” to

Refer to the Embassy website’s information on the documentary requirements of the Report of Birth.

Refer to the Embassy website’s information on the documentary requirements of a passport application of Infants born in Singapore.

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Passport for married women changing their maiden name to husband’s surname

Refer to the Embassy website’s information on Amendment of Passport Details.

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A parent must accompany a minor in the passport appointment

A minor (any person less than 18 years of age) coming to Embassy for a passport appointment must be accompanied by a parent of the said minor. The minor’s passport will not be processed if neither parent is with the child. Queries on this matter can be made with the Passport Section with an email titled “Minor applying for passport” to

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