Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Infants born in Singapore

For the passport application of infants born in Singapore, please schedule an appointment before coming to the Embassy, by sending an email message to civilregistry.sgpe@gmail.com

Instructions: Title your message as “First-time Application”, and in your message, please state the name of the infant and his/her birth date. The Embassy will provide you the next available appointment date and time by email, for your confirmation.

Once confirmed, please come to the embassy with the infant, as his/her picture will be taken during the encoding process.

We strongly advise the parents to prepare all the documents in advance before coming to the Embassy, to facilitate the processing of the passport application and of the Report of Birth.

For applicants requesting for pouch list numbers, please disregard the old email address on previous collection slips that indicate php@pacific.net.sg as the recipient; pacific.net has been discontinued. Instead, please send your email to civilregistry.sgpe@gmail.com.