Thursday, July 2, 2015

Passport Renewal Steps


“Walkins” (coming to the Embassy to apply for passport renewal without an appointment) are not allowed. Applicants must first set an appointment using the online system found here. You can choose your preferred date and time slot using this system. Once all the online steps are completed, an automated confirmation message will be sent to your email address. Please print this out.

Please make sure that you input your email address correctly; otherwise, the confirmation message from the Embassy will not get through. A simple mistake of leaving out a single letter or punctuation mark such as a period in inputting your email address will invalidate it.  There are also cases when the confirmation message goes into the spam folder of your email account, depending on your email account settings.

Each applicant should have only one slot reservation, or one name only for each application in the online system. If you wish to reserve the slot for your child, please use the child’s name and information, and use your email address in order to receive and print out the confirmation message.

The confirmation message will contain instructions, which are elaborated in the steps below.

Note: minor children will have to be present at the Embassy, as their pictures will be captured. A parent/legal guardian has to accompany them. Their appointments must be entered separately, or one appointment for each child. The parent may use his/her email address, in order to receive the confirmation message.


Please fill up the application form (download here).

At the same time, please make a photocopy of your passport data page and IC card.

Household service workers (domestic workers) are also required to submit a copy of their verified Employment Contract.For HSWs who left the Philippines as undocumented workers because they were not processed by POEA, they must submit this Employment Contract for verification and authentication of the Embassy, and at the same time pay OWWA & Pag-ibig membership fees at the Embassy’s Labor Section in order to regularize their status of employment. This is a requirement in the renewal of their passports.More information, especially for the employers, can be found here.

Applicants who wish to use their married surname or amend their passports are advised to read the webpage here for the procedure.


Please be at the Embassy exactly during your assigned hour, instead of arriving one hour or two hours before your designated time slot. This will ensure less waiting time for you. If you have companions, we strongly encourage you to have them wait in a nearby establishment, such as in Orchard area, since the waiting area in the Embassy is limited.

Please make sure that you have the printout of the confirmation message, as well as all the other requirements (accomplished form and documentary requirements listed in step 2 above. You will present these at the reception area of the Embassy.

Please be properly dressed and groomed on the date of your appointment for passport renewal, as we will be capturing your photograph at the encoding room. We encourage applicants to wear collared shirts. Please remove jewelry such as earrings, and piercings, beforehand.

As part of the dress code, we also discourage applicants from entering the Embassy in outfits that are not presentable in an Embassy, such as sandos and slippers.

After showing your appointment slip at the reception area, you will be given a colored card indicating your hour of slot and number. Please proceed to window 8, and take a seat in front of this counter. Your number will be called, and your documents (mentioned in step 2 above) will be verified.


Your photo and biometrics will be captured inside the encoding area.

Review your passport enrollment certificate before signing, as your signature indicates consent and acceptance of the details as encoded for printing in your new passport. If there is a mistake in the encoding (the most common mistakes are birthdates, the spelling of the first name or surname, and gender of an infant), the resulting passport will also carry that mistake. In such cases, the applicant will have to reapply for a new passport, pay for the same fees, and wait for the same amount of time (around ten weeks).

After you have signed the enrollment certificate, you will be given a passport collection slip indicating the date you may collect your passport.

Bring this collection slip to the cashier at Window 6 for processing and pay the passport fee of S$102.00 in cash. As part of our government regulations, the Embassy does not accept NETS, debit, or credit cards. The nearest ATM machines and banks are in Orchard area, which is around 15 to 20 minutes away.

Please note that if the payment is not made, the ePassport process will not be complete, and you will be unable to claim any passport as the system will not start the manufacture of your passport.


Upon payment at the cashier (Window 6), you will receive a receipt and the collection slip, which will indicate the date of your collection (around ten weeks after the date of encoding).

It takes about ten weeks to process the e-Passport, as all Philippine ePassports are produced in Manila. 

NOTICE: There will be cases in which DFA Manila will be unable to send the passport during those ten weeks. In such cases, we will get in touch with the applicant and inform him/her that the passport will be delayed. The Embassy is not informed by DFA Manila as to when the passport will be delivered. In case of an emergency or urgent need for a passport, please follow the instructions in the message that we will send.

On the day of your collection of passport as indicated in your collection slip, please come to the Embassy and show your collection slip at the reception area. You will be given a queue number for Window 11. Please do not forget to bring your present (the “old”) passport with you, as the Embassy will cancel it. After your old passport has been cancelled, it will be returned to you.

If you are unable to personally come back to the Embassy to claim your passport, you may designate someone to do it on your behalf. Please make sure to give your signed authorization letter and a photocopy of your ID to that person, along with your collection slip and your (present) passport which will be cancelled by the Embassy.

The steps above outline the passport procedure. For frequently asked questions (FAQs) on passports, please click here.

Please note that OFWs in Singapore can also apply for a passport renewal in the Philippines, during a sufficiently long vacation. The advantage is that the turnaround is much faster, and rush processing is possible in the Philippines. The details for renewing your passport in the Philippines at the DFA and in a number of malls may be found here.