Thursday, October 1, 2020

Reporting your Marriage with the Embassy

Filipinos who married in Singapore should file a Report of marriage at the Embassy.  Effective 19 March 2020, parties making a report of marriage must make an appropriate appointment before coming to the Embassy.  Please email to set an appointment.  Entitle your email with the subject “Reporting of Marriage.

The Family Code of the Philippines (Sec. 664) provides that “records of marriages whether performed by the Philippine Consular Officer or by the local religious or civil authorities shall be kept and transmitted to the Philippine Civil Registrar through the Department of Foreign Affairs”.

The documentary requirements for filing the Report of Marriage are the following:

  • Four (4) accomplished Report of Marriage forms (click here to download the form)
  • Four (4) photocopies of the Certificate of Marriage (original needs to be sighted by
    the consular officer)
  • Four (4) photocopies of the data page of the Groom’s passport
  • Four (4) photocopies of the data page of the Bride’s passport
  • Four (4) photocopies of the Groom’s birth certificate
  • Four (4) photocopies of the and Bride’s birth certificate
  • Payment of the Report of Marriage fee (SGD 42.50 cash)
  • If the Report of Marriage is filed after 12 months of the date of marriage, an Affidavit of Late Registration must be accomplished. A late registration fee of SGD 42.50 to be paid in cash, (

Filling out the Report of Marriage form:

  1. Please encode the requested information in this PDF form and print in four (4) copies.
  2. The Groom and Bride must both sign each Report of Marriage form.
  3. For item number 6 (civil status) write the civil status before you married your present spouse.
  • If the spouses were never previously married, write “single” in item 6.
  • If widow/widower, present original (PSA) death certificate of deceased spouse and provide 4 photocopies
  • If annulled or divorced, present original PSA documents (Marriage Certificate with annotation of declaration of nullity/annotation of Petition for Recognition of Foreign Divorce) or writ of divorce for foreign spouse and provide 4 photocopies
  1. Place of Marriage : Singapore
  2. For item number 14 – Name of the person who solemnized the marriage
  3. For item number 15, the title of the person who solemnized the marriage (i.e. Deputy Registrar or Assistant Deputy Registrar of Marriages)
  4. For item number 16 – Full name of father (with middle name spelled out)
  5. For item number 18 – Mother’s maiden name (full name before she got married, name at birth)
  6. The form must be accomplished neatly. No erasures please as this will be the permanent record.  The processor has the discretion to reject forms that are sloppily accomplished or with erasures or with wrong entries.

Additional requirements, if applicable:

  1. If either the groom or bride is a Filipino who had a previous Philippine marriage annulled, four (4) copiesof the PSA-issued Annotated Marriage Certificate (which indicates the details of the annulment). Proof of the authenticity of the amended marriage certificate must be shown, either the (a) Official Receipt issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) for the amended marriage certificate or (b) Certificate of Authentication issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines. Originals must be shown to consular officer.
  2. If either groom or bride is non-Filipino divorcé, four (4) copiesof the final decree of divorce. The original must be shown to consular officer.
  3. If either groom or bride is a Filipino divorced by the former foreign spouse, four (4) copiesof the DFA – authenticated PSA-issued marriage certificate with annotation that the divorce has been recognized by the Philippines
  4. If either groom or bride is a widowed, four (4) copiesof the DFA – authenticated PSA-issued death certificate of the deceased spouse and their PSA-issued marriage certificate. The original must be shown to the consular officer.

The Embassy will send the Report of Marriage and annexed documents to the PSA of the Philippines. It takes about six (6) months for the ensuing Philippine Marriage Certificate to be available for ordering from the PSA in the Philippines.

The Report of Marriage applicants will be provided the reference pouch list numbers for follow-up queries with the PSA.

Queries about the Report of Marriage may be sent to the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Philippines at email address